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Now Treating in The Letchworth Clinic and The Letchworth Club. 

There are many factors which can influence your journey to recovery. Stresses, nutritional deficits, lack of sleep and an incorrect prescription of exercise to name a few. Identifying these and having a plan to deal with these can quicken your recovery and get you back to doing what you love.

Our body is a complex multi-layered system, relying on sufficient maintenance of these 8 categories to achieve 'wellness'. When we neglect one/some of these areas, its a matter of time before we start to break down. Think of a bridge, with each pillar being a stage of 'wellness'.

Neglecting to maintain a pillar or having a poorly constructed pillar will create a weakness and eventually affect the whole bridge, adding more strain on other pillars.. How are you doing in each category?

Take time to reflect on yourself as a whole person, not just your physical health.

Have you rested your shoulder, knee, ankle pain for weeks..just to notice that the pain comes back again when you try use it like before? Did you know that tendinopathies don't 'just' improve with rest?? Controlled loading is the most effective way to condition your joints post injury and get you pain free fast!

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